• Juliet Heap

Community Consultation

Juliet has a wealth of experience organising and managing community consultation events across central and east London for a range of planning applications. Working with the local community from the start of any project can provide significant benefits to all involved, both in terms of time and cost saving, but also by providing a develpment scheme that benefits those that live and work in the area as well as for the client.

With the  the Localism agenda, community consultation for planning applications will become compulsory. Juliet has been involved in detailed community consultations at all levels and is well placed to help developers and landowners consult effectively and help to meet the needs of communities now that the National Planning Policy Framework has been adopted. Through her work as a trustee for Planning Aid, London and through working with the Waterloo Community Development Group and Poplar HARCA, Juliet has a good understanding of the issues and how and with whom to begin to properly engage.