• Juliet Heap


Friday success story!

Happy days, I'm ending the week with Ferndale Road obtaining approval from Lambeth Council. Having had real trouble getting any firm indication from officers, it was great to have the CLEUD approved today. Nice and straight forward case, though you can never tell for sure till the decision's issued! 

Autumn update with appeal success

What a fabulous summer we've had here. Lots of sunshine and plenty of changes to the planning system to keep us planning consultants on our toes. 

Spring has Sprung

Is it really May already? This year is flying by! It'll be Christmas before you know it. When does Harrods open up it's Christmas department?

London Marathon

A slightly belated happy new year!

It's been a little hectic already over the last few weeks, which I shan't complain about (too much!). Having signed up to running for the London Marathon with my sister in April, fitting in the extra training is proving a balancing act! 

We'll be running for Music in Hospitals, which is a great charity & so I hope we make it round ok! Any small donation is really great and will push us round the 26 miles!

Heaps of Hours

I've decided to try out People Per Hour to see if this generates any leads.... I've uploaded an hourlie to offer planning advice for £95 and offer a way forward for (smaller) development proposals, commercial sites or residential dwellings. I welcome any thoughts / feedback / requests!

More changes

With autumn arriving with a bang, more changes have been announced to "streamline" the planning system. Planning fees are to be refunded if an application isn't determined within 26 weeks... Great idea to get things moving, BUT I fear this will just lead to some of the larger schemes being "determined" or forced to withdraw to enable ongoing discussisons with officers and the developer. Watch this space!

Planning Neighbourhoods?

With the rather rapid onset of autumn, my work seems to be taking a turn back to neighbourhood planning. Having been voted onto the steering group for the Waterloo & Southbank Neighbourhood Forum on Friday last week, I have a meeting arranged for later this week with a group in Oval that are considering setting up one of their own to offer advice and guidance. 

Finding Funding

I'm sitting here, working from the St Paul's Way Centre, having met up with a couple from a local Housing Association. Such an inspiring space now! Had a great meeting discussing a potential project and they're interested in supporting the project - I now just need to secure a building, write the business plan, get the funding and the Local Authority's support. Ready to start next week then?! Potentially, it's a very exciting project and have had positive feedback from it from those I've spoken to. Best get started now then!

City of London Community Infrastructure Levy

The City of London Corporation is now consulting on it's proposed CIL charging schedule for the rates that it proposes to charge for new develpments in the City. 

The charging schedule sets out the rate at which the City intends on charging developers for most new schemes proposed in the City and is payable in addition to the GLA's CIL which is already in place.