• Juliet Heap

Another positive decision in Lambeth

Loving having some good news and ending the week with our Planning and Listed Building Consent applications (reference 18/04090/FUL and 18/04091/LB respectively) being approved today for the conversion of the existing garage/laundry room at the Convent of the Holy Family on Alberth Square in Lambeth into ancillary accommodation to main building, with associated alterations.

The applicant had submitted a scheme previously which they had to withdraw following discussions with officers. After this, they sought my advice and support moving forward. Having reviewed their withdrawn application and discussing the detail with the client team, I considered that they had a good chance of success of obtianing permission, but that they just needed to provide more information and justification for the deevlopment. I was able to provide this additional information in a supporting planning statement, which we submitted in a new application for planning and listed building consent - both been approved today. 

I really enjoyed working with the client team on tis project, helping them through the process, which can seem daunting!