• Juliet Heap

Planning Regulations

I'm not sure why I decided to brush up on all the changes to the Permitted Development Regulations on a sunny Friday afternoon! I must get back to the planning statement I was writing.  I can't help but thinking that simplifying the system is a good thing, although I do wonder whether some of these rules actually help or whether things are just getting more confused and muddled for those that don't work in the industry - for householders, it's definitely worth checking out the Planning Portal website to help if you're not sure before forking out on fees and plans.

Having relaxed the rules to allow office conversions to residential use, The DCLG has indicated in a recent report that the Government is expected to launch a consultation in the next 5 - 6 months on proposals to relax planning regulations to allow conversion of certain retail spaces into residential properties. 

Now time to finish that planning statement! Rock and Roll.