• Juliet Heap

More changes

With autumn arriving with a bang, more changes have been announced to "streamline" the planning system. Planning fees are to be refunded if an application isn't determined within 26 weeks... Great idea to get things moving, BUT I fear this will just lead to some of the larger schemes being "determined" or forced to withdraw to enable ongoing discussisons with officers and the developer. Watch this space!

Applications for prior approval of permitted development under Schedule 2 of the GPDO are to be charged £80 where there is a material change of use and where an application is not submitted for planning permission at the same time. I'm therefore  not quite sure why one would have to submit an application if one is seeking prior approval - defeating the purpose?

Interesting first steering group meeting last week for the Southbank & Waterloo Neighbourhood forum; I hope we'll drive things forward well and working together with those at Bankside!